Each package is a packaged deal.


Each package includes up to 4 hours of performance for reception, full sound system and band equipment for up to 250 guests in one location, an MC to host the program, and a designated wireless mic for guest speeches. And don’t worry, we’ve got all taxes, travel, lodging, and performance fees covered.

The Starter Package

We put together the dream team of a 6-piece band including 2 vocalists (male + female), piano, guitar, bass, and drums that is sure to get you and your guests moving on the dance floor!

The Bundle Package

Get the best of the Starter Package plus more with an 8-piece band that adds another vocalist in the mix for a fuller sound and buttery smooth 3-part harmonies. Then complete the band with a percussionist for some added flavor in the rhythm section to set the perfect mood to any genre.

The Total Package

The party is about to be poppin’ with this package! Get all the perks of the Bundle Package plus the grandest of sounds with our 12-piece band featuring C-Town Horns (saxophone, trombone, and trumpet). With a full orchestra or live concert sound, your event is sure to be unforgettable.

Looking for something smaller? Sometimes less is more.

The Tiny-But-Mighty Package

Choose from our Dynamic Duo, Trio, or Quartet featuring any combination of vocal, guitar, piano, and drums/percussion. No matter the size of the band, we come packed with a punch!



All our bands will get you groovin’ to the beat, but sometimes you gotta have some fries with that shake.

Every event is different, so you deserve exactly what you need. Got another awesome idea? Prices may vary to fit your tailoring needs.


It’s your moment, your day. You deserve the grandest entrance. Avoid fiddling through tracks or awkward cuts and transitions by having us help you create a dreamy experience.


During any transition, the last thing you need to worry about is keeping your guests entertained. We provide you with an instrumental band to jazz up the hour so that everything is worth the wait.


The show must go on! In between sets, our DJ will take over and bring you smooth transitions to make sure the party never stops. Also includes all the lighting to make your dance moves extra flashy.


Going for a classic sound for your ceremony? Add an acoustic string quartet for a touch of elegance.


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“QSC is a globally recognized leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of high-performance audio products…” Basically, we’ll sound amazing at your event.